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Fanfic Archive.

For those who want to see my fics I've written in a more organized fashion, just look here!

Rating level of personal favorites:
✬ Like
✬✬ Love

Castle in the Sky.
Their relationship depicted with a small fantasy twist. Slight Angst. [PG]

WIP. New Experiences.
New to this city. New to this job. New to having the first encounter with a really, really attractive guy be so ridiculously awkward that the only way to clear his conscience is to meet him again. And again. AU. [R]
Part 1. || Part 2.

Bombs Away.
In a time of approaching war, there's a sacrificial freedom. [R]

✎ Sweet Melody. Part 1. Part 2.
Son Dongwoon, an aspiring photographer, decides to turn a small bakery shop owned by Yang Yoseob into the next big story of his life. [PG]
✎ Upside Right. Part One. Part Two.
Dongwoon's turned upside right by a shoe-shiner. [PG] ✬

Blame It.
Junhyung has nothing to blame but himself. [PG-13]
Thanks To.
It's all thanks to Doojoon the other two got together. [PG]

✎ Forgive Me Father. Part 1. Part 2.
Son Dongwoon struggles with his beliefs, only to be shown what true faith is when he meets the unconventional Yong Junhyung. [PG-13]
✎ Sightless. AU. ✬
Having grown to live life accustomed to being unable to see, what happens to Junhyung as his usually dark world is slowly painted with the color of Dongwoon. [PG/PG-13]
Part 1. || Part 2. || Part 3. || Part 4. || Part 5.

big bang
✎ Alive Series. AU. W.I.P. Jiyong finally feels alive. [R]
Alive (Intro). || Blue. || Love Dust. || Bad Boy.

Only You. [R]
Take Me Away. AU. [PG-13]

25 Fics Challenge. Uncompleted.

Bad Guy.
Jonghyun really likes Taemin's new concept. [NC-17]

super junior
Tainted. [NC-17]

Cry for You. [R]
Nothing. [PG]

Suju 100 Fics Challenged. [Never will complete.]

Ghost of Mine.
Kiseop seeks escape to a place where he can meet the one he lost. 1000 words. [NC-17]

(Taekwoon (Leo)/Hakyeon (N))
WIP Song of Freedom. In a world bound by the tangles of war, Hakyeon searches for freedom. Post-apocalyptic AU. [R]
Part 1. || Part 2. || Part 3. || Part 4. || Part 5.

WIP In Excelsis. No description can accurately depict it except for our dubbed name of murder boyfriends. AU. [NC-17] ✬✬
part i. || part ii. || part iii. || part iv. || part v. || part vi. part vii. || part viii.

(Taekwoon (Leo)/Wonshik (Ravi))
Audience of One.
Taekwoon's a janitor with big dreams. Wonshik's a chatterbox who watches. [PG]

(Wonshik (Ravi)/Hakyeon (N))
Gateway Getaway.
Inspired by Rihanna's 'We Found Love' music video. [PG-13]

Big Bang x Block B
WIP Secret Ring. AU. [PG-13]
Prologue || Part 1

Doojoon’s having trouble concentrating on the new album, so he asks a fellow leader to help out. [NC-17]

Big Bang x BEAST
✎ Wild Wild West. Bounty hunter Doojoon wants renowned bandit TOP... preferably alive. [R] ✬✬
Part 1. || Part 2. || Part 3. || Part 4.

If you have any fiction requests, just comment here! I'm mainly focused on the VIXX, Beast and Infinite fandom. You can choose any pairing, but I do reserve the right to decline if I feel I cannot complete your request.

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